Feb 02, 2017 07:56 PM EST

2016 A Great Year For Facebook; Revenue And Net Income Boost Up

The most popular social media networking website, Facebook is continuously growing at its best. When it talks about growth, Facebook knows how to make it big. And so to speak, 2016 had been a great year for the company given their revenue and net income boost up.

Facebook just released their quarterly earnings and the company is proud to say that they exceeded the estimates given by analysts. It has been such great news for a lot of investors which prompted for its shares to shoot up. The social networking website’s shares were as high as 3% after hours of trading.

The Wall Street was only expecting total revenue of $1.31 per share but Facebook made it to $1.41 per share. The majority of its $8.81 billion revenue came from advertising. As for its monthly active users (MAUS), it reached 1.86 billion while the daily active users (DAUs) were up to 1.23 billion.

Generally speaking, Facebook’s revenue for the whole year rose by $10 billion or 54% to $27.5 billion. While the company’s net income also doubled to $10 billion. Given those figures made a lot of investors feel at ease regarding their concerns about Facebook’s ad-revenue peak. It seems like Facebook was able to manage it accordingly as reported by Fortune.

According to CNBC, Facebook’s advertising business is doing great. Over the holiday season, it even got higher. In fact, Danielle Hughes, CEO of Facebook-shareholder Divine Capital, told CNBC's "Closing Bell" that the growth of the company earning was entirely massive.

With the continuous success that Facebook is getting, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO has this to say, "Our mission to connect the world is more important now than ever. Our business did well in 2016, but we have a lot of work ahead to help bring people together."

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