Feb 10, 2017 10:28 AM EST

Women’s Leadership Is Successful In The Boardroom

Women empowerment is seemingly boosting up in the business world. Women’s leadership is hitting up in the boardroom because of their performance level and the fact that they can help in the betterment of the company.

The 2016 Global Board Diversity Analysis report made by the firm, Egon Zehnder talks about the board composition of different public companies in 44 countries. The firm has been tracking gender diversity in the boardrooms of the largest companies. Through their study, they were able to found out that globally, women now hold 18.5 percent of board seats. In Western Europe, 26.2 percent of the board seats are women and it shows more progress with their companies.

The study pointed out that in order to fully understand gender diversity, it is important that you know their value in the company. By having female representation can be of great benefit in business aspects. It can boost up financial performance, leveraging of talents, reflecting the marketplace as well as building a reputation and lastly, it can increase innovation and group performance, says Catalyst.

A board member of IMD Switzerland, Adjaav Dubai and the World Rugby Federation, Dublin shared that “In boards where there were more than three women, I have found that women found it easier to raise issues, ask questions or offer insights even if the other women did not offer their support openly. Their ‘mere presence’ on the board made it easier to speak for some, not all.”

However, Egon Zehnder said that one of its most notable findings was in the United States because of their lack of progress when it comes to gender diversity in their board’s leadership. It seems like there is no growth in number when it comes to having more women taking the board seats. From 2012 to 2016, gender diversity remained 20 percent, showing no progress at compared to Western Europe.

According to International Business Times, when women are part of its board directors you can growth, development, and innovation in the company. To make it more interesting, you can expect better attendance during board meetings. Valuing women’s strength in the business and corporate worlds can do so much good for the company.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire reported that Microsoft is trying to strengthen its commitment to diversifying its workforce by giving bonuses to senior employees who will continue to hire qualified female workers.

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