Feb 16, 2017 08:43 PM EST

Halle Berry Talks About Life Lessons And Success At The City Gala

The Academy Award-winning actress Halle Berry is one of the well-respected actresses in Hollywood. It is known to many that Berry was not born into a life full of privilege. However, she strives hard and pushes herself to achieve success in spite of all the challenges. Berry gladly shares about her life lesson and success.

The “Perfect Stranger” star was one of the prestigious keynote speakers at the City Gala. Other guests include John Travolta and Quincy Jones. This is an event about entrepreneurship that brings together artists, business leaders as well as other individuals who have an eye towards giving forward. Aside from that, it also focuses on creating a much brighter future through charitable organizations and humanitarian events.

Berry learned a lot of great lessons in her life and that encouraged her to rise above the odds. What she is today is because of everything she has been through in her life. According to the Entrepreneur, at the City Gala, Berry shared her experiences and how she was able to overcome life’s challenges and how she continues to learn from it.

The “Monster Ball” star shared that she defines success as where opportunity and passion meet as one. Berry shared the importance of combining opportunity with a passion because in doing that, you are definitely living a purposeful life.

“I try to figure out what opportunities I have and what I’m good at,” says Berry.

Berry also talked about how having a mentor can help lead your way. One of her dearest mentors is her fifth-grade teacher, Yvonne Sims. She was the one who noticed Berry and since then they became close. “She filled me with worth and value,” said Berry. And because of that mentorship, Berry has also mentored several young people.

And one of the highlights that Berry spoke about was her failed marriage that led to divorce and how she felt about the whole process of it. Berry admitted about feeling embarrassed, guilty and most of all, guilty of it. However, she also felt grateful for all the lessons she learned along the way.

Berry even said that all of her failed relationship where necessary for her. She explained that “those relationships provided me with lessons that got me to where I am right now. For that, I’m grateful.”

Yahoo Finance shared that Berry is very involved in philanthropic challenges. She was even the first ambassador for the Diabetes Aware campaign and at the same time works closely with the Jenesse Center. This is a center that helps and supports women and families that are affected by domestic violence.

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Watch the video below of Halle Berry's interview at the City Gala.

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