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Melanie Duncan’s Success Story Of Online Marketing

In today’s modern world, the internet played a major part in the success of a lot of businesses. It enables us to have a wider reach of clients and audiences which is very much beneficial in so many ways. And that is where the huge part of Melanie Duncan’s success came from. And she gladly shares her success story because of online marketing.

Duncan’s success story was very well stated on her official website, Melanie Duncan. It was back in college when Duncan and her business partner and husband Devin started their “Custom Greek Apparel” business. It was an online store that caters sorority and fraternity apparel that has customized prints, colors, fabrics, as well as embroideries. It was a rough start but when they turned to online marketing that is when things started to work out well.

In 2010, Duncan started a home decor business called, “Luxury Monograms.” It was this time when she realized that “every business has its unique set of challenges.” She then decided to take a new strategy wherein she reached out women’s lifestyle blogs and at the same time invited them to host giveaways of her products. That was the start that she landed magazine covers and was featured on “Good Morning America.” Blogging helped increase the awareness of their brand. Another thing is that Pinterest played a big part in driving people traffic and increase sales to her website.

And because a huge part of her success came from online marketing, she started joining online marketing conferences. That was the time wherein she met people bragging about making a lot of money through teaching other people how to start an online business. It made her realized that her calling was to help another build successful business. It was then in 2011 that she built her education empire.

“I believe that you must constantly be improving your skills, so I made it a focus to grow my skills in the area of creating online training in order to create my third business. Passion + Skills + Innovation = A thriving business,” says Duncan.

According to Entrepreneur, Duncan shared some insightful tips on how she achieved her massive success through online marketing. First is that you must start simple. Duncan expressed the importance of focusing on offering something that is exceptional. It also matters that you let your ideas evolve. You must always have the drive to try and explore for more. Aside from that making use of your existing connections can be very beneficial.

One more important thing is that you must be specific with your assigned responsibilities. “The worst thing you could have in a business is a diffusion of responsibility,” says Duncan. She pointed out that what helped her successful partnership in both business and marriage with her husband is that they have particular areas that they work on and have complete confidence with each other.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire reported about content marketing and how important it is for you to do it the right way in order to succeed. With the right content marketing strategy, success will be within your reached.

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