Feb 23, 2017 12:05 PM EST

Liberal Arts Majors Will Be In Demand, Says Mark Cuban

Liberal Arts majors will be in demand in the future, says Mark Cuban. Meanwhile, Software Development jobs will disappear due to automation.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Mark Cuban talked about the future of jobs being automation replacing automation, reported Inc. He said that although software development is a hot field to enter and get into at the moment, it won't be in the next ten years.

He said that there are no manufacturing jobs or coal mining jobs that are going to come back. Coding and software developing will be next too.

Cuban explained that technology will soon be able to do the jobs that software developers do. Seeing as it is "only math," human developers won't be needed, hence the prediction that computer-related jobs will be replaced by computers, per Inc.

Liberal arts, on the other hand, will be on the rise. Fields such as philosophy, English, and foreign languages were the examples that Cuban cited.

For now, Cuban said that Liberal Arts jobs are not needed. But it will be in greater demand.

According to Cuban, these professions will be in demand because there will be in a need for people to interpret the data that automation is yielding, interpret information from a different perspective. With technology killing technology, there will come a time wherein arts is going to be appreciated all the more.

There are already many jobs that are disappearing due to automation. For instance, there are robo-advisers, fewer travel agencies, 3-D printing threatening small component manufacturers, and more.

It has even come to a point where the jobs of teachers and actors will be threatened by robots. Robots are being used to teach kids with special needs and some films such as "Star Wars" and "Fast and the Furious" have managed to make characters appear even though the actors playing them have already died.

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