Feb 27, 2017 07:31 PM EST

Success Lessons: Attitude Matters More Than IQ

When it comes to success, there are many things to consider. Attitude matters a lot. And there have been studies which show that one’s attitude is more important than his or her IQ level.

It is common for people to think that those individuals who are blessed with brains become successful in all forms. Yes, that could be true; however, a new research from Stanford University will give you a different view about it.

According to TBusiness Insider, psychologist Carol Dweck spent her entire career studying attitude and performance. And based on her latest study, she found out that attitude is a better predictor of one’s success than his or her IQ.

Dweck shared that one’s core attitude falls into two categories, which are fixed mindset and growth mindset. For those with a fixed mindset, they strongly believe for who and what they are. And that you cannot change. The problem for this kind of mindset is that when these individuals experience something more challenging than they can handle then they tend to feel hopeless and overwhelmed. It is hard for them to cope with such an overwhelming situation.

Meanwhile, those people with a growth mindset are open for change and improvement. They do believe that they can improve as long as they put effort and hard work on it. Even though these individuals have lower IQ, they still outperform those with fixed mindset because they welcome challenges and see this as an opportunity for learning.

Payscale also pointed out that your training and educational attainment play a great role to one’s successful job but there is more to that. There are other traits that are also important such as excellent communication skills, one’s ability to work in a team and most of all, professional resiliency. Being resilient means that you are capable of adapting to the changes that are happening around you. Given that, you are open for any challenges and you are willing to do everything to get pass through it.

Meanwhile, Jobs & Hire shared that Academy-award winning actress, Halle Berry talks about her success story at the City Gala 2017. Berry revealed in order for her to be where she is right now, she strives hard and pushes herself to achieve success in spite of all the challenges that came her way. She was able to rise above the odds and did not let it get into her way.

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