Mar 17, 2017 12:19 PM EDT

McDonald’s Blames Hackers On Nasty Tweet About Trump

The Twitter universe exploded on Thursday morning with retweets of a disparaging McDonald's post regarding the United States President Donald Trump. Now, the fast food company's management is trying to salvage what they can from the public relations snafu.

Everyone was shocked when McDonald's called the United States president "a disgusting excuse of a president." The tweet went on to shame Trump for his "tiny hands." Several Twitter users were amused by the tweet, while Trump supporters reacted negatively to the incident.

Meanwhile, McDonald's executives are trying their best to limit the negative impact of the tweet. According to a report on Business Insider, McDonald's management said it was a victim of a hacking incident.

When the derogatory tweet was posted, it was actually pinned so it would be the first tweet that anyone who views McDonald's Twitter page sees. Twitter informed McDonald's that its account has been compromised, and the tweet had been deleted 25 minutes after posting.

It is understandable that McDonald's management wants to limit the negative impact of the tweet as much as possible. Trump supporters actively call for boycotts of establishments, companies and entities that express their disagreement with the United States president.

CBS news reported that McDonald's said they already secured their account. An investigation showed that their account was hacked by an external source, according to the fast food company.

The fast food company did not apologize directly to Trump. However, it did apologize that the tweet appeared on its corporate account.

The incident highlights how quickly hackers can take on the social media of companies. Investing in stronger security controls can help avoid cyber incidents.

Jobs & Hire previously reported that Edward Snowden asked Trump to show evidence that he had been wiretapped.

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