Mar 24, 2017 03:45 AM EDT

LinkedIn Launches Trending Storylines As Facebook Continues Battle Against Fake News

LinkedIn is trying to have a go at using trending news to attract more users. The company appears to be confident that it will not fall victim to fake news, an issue that Facebook has been struggling with, according to a WIRED report.

LinkedIn launched its very own news aggregate section. The section will initially be released in the United States, and the main aim is to give LinkedIn users a rundown of important happenings in the professional and business world that they can use in meetings. The section will be available on its website and smartphone app.

According to a Reuters report, LinkedIn does not have its own writers for the section. Through the section, the company will offer clickable links of reports published by media companies online that are relevant to its users.

The Trending Storylines section will appear in the midst of post from users. Although there will be no reporters and writes, LinkedIn has hired a team of editors to vet and collate the stories that will appear in the section. Daniel Roth, LinkedIn's editor in chief, will be managing the editorial team.

Roth is confident that LinkedIn users are not likely to fall for fake news and are less likely to share them on the LinkedIn platform. He pointed out that LinkedIn is used for professional purposes, so people tend to be more thoughtful on how each post reflects on them.

Roth said the team will carefully select each story to ensure that all will be relevant to the user depending on his or her preference. The section will also suggest news and personalities to follow depending on a user's profile.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Facebook, Google and Twitter are being threatened by the European Union with million in penalties if they do not change their terms of service to comply with EU law, Jobs & Hire reported.

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