Aug 08, 2015 07:40 PM EDT

Apple News: Read, Reply Emails On Your New Apple Watch; Competitors Welcome Apple's Timepiece?

By Alex Cruz

Microsoft released Outlook for Apple Watch Thursday. Its latest update will allow users to view full-length emails and do a quick response.

Notifications of the now updated Outlook on Apple Watch basically will give users more of the email body. Tapping on the Outlook icon in the notification will launch a dedicated Outlook, Apple Watch app that will let the user see the overview of the email and send a response using quick replies or by dictation, The Verge reported.

Outlook glance was also built by Microsoft for Apple Watch. This will enable the users to have a quick look at the emails and calendar appointments.

Apple Watch's app will join OneDrive, PowerPoint. Skype and OneNote.

So, how's Apple Smartwatch going to fit in a market where sales are already down by 11 percent? The NPD group reported that in June, only 927,500 watches were sold at $375 million -- the largest drop since 2008.

The California-based company hasn't released any reports on how many watch device they were able to sell. Bloomerg did some calculations comparing the selling price of the watch and the reported revenue growth of Apple in June, they were able to come up with an estimate of at least 1.9 million sold watches, according to PC Mag.

Analysts say that most buyers that are looking for watches under $1,000 will most likely buy an Apple Watch.

Some manufacturers welcomed the arrival of Apple Watch. The temporary setback on their sales is a risk they're willing to take. It may result in the growth of sales for Apple Watch but it will be balanced out by the fact that it can draw new customers into the market.

Manufacturers referred these people as the ones who has never worn a watch. Soon, when they get tired of their Apple device, they might look for other watches, and that's where they will be coming in.

For those who are interested to grab a unit, Apple Watches are now on sale at Best Buy, both online and in retail stores. Stainless steel models with black or white sport band or Milanese loop, and all Sports models are on sale.

Apple Watch will be sold at Best Buy Canada on Aug. 14, as per Apple Insider's report.

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