Mar 22, 2016 01:54 PM EDT

What Should You Ask Every Successful Person You Meet?

By R S Ali

Picking a successful person's brain is a rare opportunity and an important moment in your life, so make sure when you do get it, you don't let it go to waste. Monster suggests some questions you could ask a successful person upon meeting them.

They say the best advice you can get to do something you want is from someone who is already doing it.

1. Ask them if they have an opening 

As forward and direct as this may sound, this question has actually worked for many people, including the likes of Gary Tuchs, co-founder of Professor Egghead Science Academy which is a national children's franchise focusing on science and engineering programs. His parents, he claimed, encouraged him to be bold and direct. This approach could get you internships or even jobs at coveted places. After all, you neevr know until you have asked. 

2. Ask about their favorite TV show

This one, as demonstrated by professional comedian Dan Nainan, is a two pronged question. It works as an ice breaker and/or to lighten the mood. It also gives you a good idea about the person's personality. In almost all cases, the answer to this question is likely to be that they watch TV little to none at all. Successful people don't have time to do TV watching - when they're not working tirelessly to build - and keep - their careers, they're spending their precious time with loved ones, or traveling.

3. What gets them through the tough times

No one who is successful will not have a very interesting answer to this one. Everyone faces obstacles, especially successful people, and how they deal with theirs should give you a lot to learn from. Sometimes, the most obvious things are the ones we're not thinking of: and hearing them from actual successful people is what makes us finally do those little things that mean the difference between success and being ordinary.

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