Apr 11, 2016 03:29 AM EDT

The Top Five Highest-Paying Job In The United States According To GlassDoor

By Jane Reed

This year Glassdoor has released the list of professions that receive the thickest paychecks. Doctors/physicians have topped the list of the highest paying jobs in the United States. The top five highest-paying jobs according to Glassdoor are:

1. Doctors/physicians ($180,000)

2. Lawyers ($144,500)

3. Research and Development Manager ($142,140)

4. Software Development Manager ($132,000)

5. Pharmacy Manager ($130,000)

Fortune has it that physicians bring home a median salary of $180 grand while lawyers follow a close second. But what makes these top 5 so special? The top three professions have one thing in common. These jobs require the highest level of skill and these jobs are protected and high in demand. According to Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, the Glassdoor chief economist, these jobs reinforce the fact that high salaries are tied with professions that are in-demand. It also considers higher education and skill sets.

Another common thread in the top 5 is that they're most likely managers. The skill and leadership required from a manager is essential for those companies managing teams. Working in a team, now, means it's working in a fast paced industry. Technology, finance and healthcare employees are difficult to automate which means companies are willing to invest in higher salaries.

What employees or students need to know is that companies are willing to raise the salary if the skill cannot be replaced by automation. Does that mean robots may not take over the world? A previous JobsNHire article noted that robots are slowly taking over jobs. Turns out, some hard and soft skills will never be replaced by robots.

Looking closely, healthcare and technology have also cemented its place in the top 5. "The urgency of many healthcare scenarios requires snap-decisions or creative solutions to existing medical conditions," Chamberlain told 24/7 Wall St.

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