Apr 12, 2016 06:08 AM EDT

Apple's Future And Success Lies On iPhone SE, Not iPhone 7?

Apple has always pit its pride in being the key leader in innovations and technological developments. In line with that, it has been speculated that Apple's future and success lies on its iPhone SE and not on its forthcoming iPhone 7.

A former report from Seeking Alpha revealed, "Lately, though, the company has perhaps been bumping up against the limits of this approach. Apple Watch has not proven to be the next big thing, Apple TV is still a work in progress, and iPad sales are down almost 40 percent. With the iPod more or less a part of history now, Apple relies more than ever on one product to drive growth and maintain its dividend which is the iPhone series."

It is undeniable that Steve Jobs has sparked an era of change and transformation in communication and developments. Also, since its co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs words are vital for Apple and those words even resonate today. Jobs even said, "People don't know what they want until you show it to them" and it has been one of the beacons that Apple has always adhered on.  It goes without saying that Steve Jobs played a vital role in the shaping and strengthening of the company's present dominance in the business world and has gained the respect not only in his workspace but other sectors as well, as noted by Jobs & Hire.  

However, despite those encouraging words, reality sets in for Apple. With the rising competition and massive technological advancements from other tech giants, Apple must bring a new gear that can set a new trend and in turn dominate the spotlight.

In line with that, speculations are escalating on how Apple is entrusting its future to the iPhone SE instead on the forthcoming iPhone 7. Although Apple remain tight-lipped on the matter, the speculations are continue to rise and surge. Moreover, according to the same post, "The iPhone SE is Apple's first customer-designed iPhone and it could precisely be the reason why Apple chose as the main device banner than the iPhone 7.

On a different note, it remains to be seen how Apple would fare in the near future and on whether the tech giant would issue clarifications and affirmations that it has opted to promote and entrust the tech firm's presence on the market with the iPhone SE and not with the iPhone 7.

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