Apr 28, 2016 04:42 AM EDT

Don't Start A Career In These 10 Worst Cities In The United States Of America

By Jane Reed

Are you trying to figure out which is the best place for you to start a career with the best earning potential, social life opportunities for you, adequate or best standard of living and career growth? Whatever your reason may be, it's no strange thing to see a lot of young people move to a different city.

Maybe you've already seen the top 10 best cities in America, as previously reported by JobsNHire. But have you thought about which places you should not move in to?

A research by Bank Rate has listed the cities with the lowest rankings when it comes to career factors. But Business News Daily explained that the list doesn't necessarily mean that young people should avoid these cities. Claes Bell, a Bank Rate analyst, explains that the list just indicates the lowest scores when it comes to making a career launch. The list considered the important factors that suits people's needs. "Not everyone is looking to climb to the top of the corporate ladder, so cities that ranked low on our list may be very desirable to some," Bell said.

Out of 100 American cities that were evaluated, here are ten of the worst cities to start a career in, during 2016:

1. Fayetteville, North Carolina - This city offers a great quality of life but ranks low in the worst places to launch your career because of its lack of earning potential, career growth possibilities and job prospects.

2. Mobile, Alabama

3. Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas

4. Jackson, Mississippi

5. Montgomery, Alabama

6. Knoxville, Tennessee

7. Fort Walton Beach, Florida,

8. Shreveport, Louisiana

9. Greensboro, North Carolina

10. Roanoke, Virginia

Get a good look at the list and see which city is best for you to start a career in. If you're looking for other places to move to, check out the top 10 best cities in America, as previously reported by JobsNHire.

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