Apr 30, 2016 06:43 AM EDT

Career Lessons For Working Women From Hillary Clinton

2016 US elections is brewing in the corner, and for the presidential hopefuls, gaining an upper edge over the other contenders is a necessity. For Hilary Clinton, winning is not determined by one mark but for its entirety. Along that line, Hilary Clinton reveals career lessons that have successfully brought her this far.

According to Payscale, "Understatement of the election year, Hillary Clinton is a polarizing figure while for some, she's inspirational and potentially the first female president, a woman who can get things done, the most accomplished candidate in terms of raw political experience." Although Clinton is presently facing scrutiny and other issues, Clinton's work ethics and career lessons are noteworthy to the core.

By exhibiting confidence and publicly extolling their own virtues, female politicians running for office break the rules of the game and subvert existing power structures. As a politician, Clinton has shown much resiliency and strength, notes the same post. Also, for Clinton, seeing her stance and strategic approaches, it can be noted that Clinton understands the reality that not everyone would like her, but it does not mean that it can impede her plans or her goals.

To prove the latter, perhaps "the problem is that we still find female ambition vaguely distasteful," writes Elizabeth Winkler at Quartz. "Intellectually, most Americans believe women are capable leaders; certainly, we know it's what we're supposed to believe. But emotionally, Americans still find the image of women in power hard to swallow, hence the higher bar for proving competence." 

The great thing about careers is the opportunity to offer personal growth and development. Along those lines, Clinton sees the critical elements that could affect her overall performance both at work and at her life. Clinton's aspirations to become the next president has also paved the way for her to reach new heights and overcome challenges. In the same manner, for career holders, growing and facing challenges is also the downside elements of aspiring for more responsibilities, mandates and opportunities. 

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