Jun 10, 2016 01:12 PM EDT

Chaos In The Workplace: How To Make An Inspiring Office

By Jane Reed

The lyric "Just another Manic Monday" sometimes happen everyday for some American employees. The rush and chaos of the workplace often takes the best out of workers. Sometimes, the best way to deal with it is to take a step back and re-evaluate your professional work environment.

Do you find yourself often sitting behind the desk and couldn't get any inspiration out of your day? This shouldn't happen in your daily workspace. Business News Daily has it that an office makeover can help.

But that doesn't always mean a total makeover. Think about how you want to design your space and how it will be conducive to the company culture you desire to promote. A Steel Case survey noted that about 90% of office employees are not satisfied with their work environment. One particular reason is due to the lack of privacy.

Create an office plan that's great for initiating collaboration and transparency but also values privacy for daily workers. Meg O'Neil, the senior designer and developer at Steel Case said that privacy is a real challenge. She notes that it's affecting engagement, performance and job satisfaction.

Workplaces that allow employees to concentrate on their work easily alone, work in teams without being interrupted and choose where to work, plus a sense of belonging in the company culture, makes workers much more satisfied.

"In any office, having a variety of workspaces that are suited to different work styles and tasks is the key to ensuring that every employee can do his or her best work," O'Neil said. Morris Levy, co-founder of The Yard, said that space is really important. "Most people spend as much time here as in their home. If you're working in a dull space, what is inspiring you?"

Remember that a positive culture is motivational and that the quality of the work environment is crucial to workers and customers. It causes everyone to treat each other with respect, trust and dignity.

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