Jun 29, 2016 10:25 AM EDT

‘Game Of Thrones Season 7’ Episode Plot: Jon Snow, Sansa Stark Wedding Makes Career Highlight

By Jane Reed

The season finale ender showed a promise of reunion between the Stark siblings. But there is one union in "Game of Thrones season 7" that would most likely confuse or shock viewers.

It is believed that a Jon Snow and Sansa Stark Wedding will most likely happen in "Game of Thrones season 7." After Jon Snow was recognized as King of the North by the Lords and Ladies in the court, it was theorized that in order to keep the name in the family, the two siblings will be married. It is not a strange thing to see incest occur in the most watched HBO television series. Now, things are starting to change. A bastard has been considered as royalty in Winterfell. Other unorthodox things may likely occur. According to some fan theories, Sansa is desperate to ensure that the support from the Vale will still remain amidst not giving Littlefinger what he really wants - the Iron Throne. It was implicitly known to both Sansa and Littlefinger that he will endeavor to make up for the mistakes he made but in return, he always wanted to be by her side as king.

It was also believed that Jon Snow may be thinking that a marriage between him and Sansa may be the most logical thing to do in order to keep the name Stark. Plus, the fact that he is into red-heads. Some fans did see some close proximity moments between the two which prompted them to believe that there is more than sibling love.

Now, fans are wondering if Jon Snow and Sansa Stark will indeed get married in "Game of Thrones" season 7. The wedding will benefit both of them and it will ensure that Jon stays in power and keep his supporters. Meanwhile, Sansa will keep Littlefinger at bay. This is a career shift in Kit Harington and Sophie Turner's work in the "Game of Thrones" franchise but one they are willing to go through because they are already invested in their characters. "Game of Thrones season 7" is the last season of the "Song of Ice and Fire" series.

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