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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Users Warned: Stop Using Your Phones, Or Else

By Erika C(
Will the issues surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 be the end of Samsung's reign? Pexels / Pixabay CC0

Over the past month, the issues raised that involves the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire is alarming. After months-on-end in waiting for this smartphone to be out, an unexpected curse lies along with it. How, in the long run, will this affect the future of the Galaxy Note 7 and of Samsung?

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission, an agency committed to the safety of products--most especially those with units that are run by batteries and are prone to catching fire, stated on Friday their urgent advisory to Galaxy Note 7 owners. The commission asked users, if possible, to turn off their phones and stop using them. Do so while the issues of sudden fire eruptions still persist.

According to The New York Times, the statement by the CPSC was the "latest blow to Samsung and the Galaxy Note 7." However, the Samsung management has already confirmed that it is working with the agency and has already initiated in recalling about 2.5 million units within the past weeks since the smartphone was released.

Samsung is apologetic over the case and to compensate, they have issued a $25 gift card and offered the consumers to have their units replaced with other Samsung model units. Although the sudden fire-catching cases were not intended to happen, the Korean company still experienced a sudden, but minimal, drop in their stocks due to the said accidents.

Aside from the CPSC warning, some Australian airlines have already banned the use of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 while aboard their airplanes, Yahoo News reports. No charging is allowed and phones must be shut down, battery out if possible, to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Owners of this highly anticipated device should and must abide by the warnings stated above to ensure utmost safety. If not, the happiness they get from using this modern smartphone could outsmart, and even end, their lives forever.

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