Sep 19, 2016 04:37 AM EDT

Obama To Black Americans: I Consider It A ‘Personal Insult’ If You Don’t Support Clinton

By Shiella
Obama Supported Clinton At The Congressional Black Caucus Gala
President Barack Obama speaks to the audience, where mostly are black leaders, at the Congressional Black Caucus last Sept 18, 2016. Addressing the audience to vote and support for Clinton this coming US Election on Nov. 8, saying it will be an insult to his legacy if there wouldn't be a strong black turnout for Clinton.
(Photo : Scott Olson / Staff / Getty Images)

US President Barack Obama asks among his black constituent to back the Democratic presidential nominee Hilary Cinton in the upcoming US elections. For the president, it would be a "personal insult" if they won't support Clinton.

This plea was delivered by Obama to the community of African-American people on Saturday, Sept 18 at Congressional Black Caucus gala where Clinton also was present. The president sees it as an insult to the legacy as the first African American president, if the black won't vote for Clinton for Presidency this coming Election on Nov. 8. Clinton will be the first woman president, should she win the elections.

Obama hopes that Clinton will succeed him next year and warn his supporters against surrendering the presidency to Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump. He made this effort because of worries about the population of black voters not firmly on the side of the Democratic Party. Obama rolls out this campaign with a more personal tone, carrying the acknowledgement that he can only unite and bring the coalition of the Latino and black votes to the side of the Democratic leaders.

In front of the national media, the President asked the CBC to love, vote, work for and support Hillary Clinton. "My name Obama, may not be on the ballot, but our progress, tolerance, Democracy and justice is on the ballot," he also added that if the people wish to give him a "good send-off," then vote for someone who will protect his legacy. He advises the black people not to let down their guard against the "treacherous image" that could come from the Republican side.

With a stern look and booming fashion, his speech went beyond every corners of the room and the moment, Donna Brazile commented, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee.

Clinton, who was Obama's former secretary of state, was honored after receiving her Trailblazer award for running as the first woman presidential candidate of a US political party. She praised the Obama family and dismissed the re-emergence of the Obama's birth from Trump's campaign, Clinton was quoted saying that "Mr. President, not only do we know you are not an ordinary American, but you're a great American."

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