Nov 14, 2016 04:20 AM EST

'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Latest New & Updates: 'Splash' Move's Purpose Finally Figured Out In Pokemon's Latest Installment

Many Pokemon versions have passed for the last twenty years and no one has ever figured out the purpose of the Splash move. The move is only present in a few chosen monsters and it's very popular for its uselessness in the game. But with "Pokemon Sun and Moon" coming out, everything that fans know about it is about change.

According to Game Rant, the move would finally have its purpose in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" after twenty long years. Since the first release way back in 1996, Pokemon fans have been curious about "Splash" and many tried using it, but to no avail, is always followed by a phrase saying, "but nothing happened."

Now, in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," the move would put itself to good use as trainers look for Pokemon and catch them all. With the latest addition of Z-Moves in the game, trainers would be able to use a Z-crystal and give power boosts to a specific move of the same type.

In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," players can use the Z-move once in every battle and give them an edge against their opponents, according to Kotaku. However, the "Splash" move would still result to a "but nothing happened" scenario and wouldn't have any damage to the opponent. But, the move would power up the user's attack thrice in battle giving it an advantage with the next attacks.

Some Pokemon fans would still consider it as a useless move but at least it's finally getting a purpose in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." It would be interesting to see players experiment on their attacks using the "Splash" move.

A lot of players are now hyped about this latest release. There have been leaks of the game's copy spreading on the internet and many fans have already gotten a hold of the game. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is definitely a must have for Pokemon fans.

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