Nov 17, 2016 09:13 AM EST

6 Terrible Mistakes An Applicant Usually Do On LinkedIn And How To Avoid Them

People looking for networks are signing up at LinkedIn. Along with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, another social media application that has been used by a lot of people from all over the world is LinkedIn. 

As of October 2016, there are 467 million users of LinkedIn, making it the world's largest professional network as of the reports of the DMR Stats and Gadgets. They also stated that there are already more than 200 countries and territories which use LinkedIn in building networks from different parts of the world. 

LinkedIn is used in making connections with all other professionals from various areas. Usually, people can find job offers here, as well as credible reports and studies in several subjects, and requests for collaboration which can boost our networks to a higher level. 

Therefore, it is deemed necessary always to check if your profile looks good, and if you are doing well with your LinkedIn account. This is to avoid being rejected in your job applications just because your profile sounds like a pile of dump. 

To help people improve their profiles on LinkedIn, here are six out of the stashes of mistakes that are commonly committed by newbies in LinkedIn and the easiest ways to deal with them. The Muse has also observed some of the six:

1.    Persuade the Grammar Nazis.

When posting an update or publishing a story, be careful of your grammar and your composition. Business people will read that upon bumping to your profile, and it might turn the back of grammar Nazis if your texts are erroneous 

2.    Give your texts a touch of your personality.

When sending invites to people, make sure you customize the text to avoid being robotic. As you send a personalized message, be sure of including the answers to the following questions:

  • Who are you? Introduce yourself. 
  • How did you find me? Say if s/he is your colleague or you meet at training sessions. 
  • Why do you want to connect? Tell them if you are interested in their career.

3.    Show your professional face onUpload a profile picture.

Never let your face be the gray and white figure that all other non-existent people share on social media. It is best to upload a photo either in business attire or formal attitude. 

4.    Allow them to make their first impression through your Headline.

Make sure to customize your LinkedIn Headline by updating your position in the office, what you do at work, and where is your office located. People will create their first impression via your profile picture and your current career to keep them updated. 

5.    You are becoming an introvert.

Speak and share your professional thoughts. Share daily updates and publish stories which can establish your identity with your connections. You will need these stories soon when you are applying for other positions via LinkedIn. 

6.    State your previous connections.

Identify your schools, your previous companies you have joined, as well as your organizations. Put them all the things that can be seen in your Curriculum Vitae to complete your information. This will also establish your credibility and the status of your career. 

By improving the way you appear at LinkedIn, the more chances of you being hired or being connected with more professionals around the globe. Avoid the mistakes and follow the rules stated above to have a standout profile on LinkedIn.

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