Nov 16, 2016 10:35 AM EST

'Arrival' Movie Review: What Should We Do When Extraterrestrials Come?


"Arrival" is about what the world can do if the extraterrestrials really come. Movie goers can always expect a movie to be a great one if it is about aliens from another world and is directed by Denis Villeneuve who has given the cinematic world a series of grand films that many enjoyed seeing.

After doing movies like Prisoners and Sicario, Villenueve brings a new sci-fi movie to the screen that will keep the audience guessing what the extraterrestrials' intentions are. Is it war or is it peace?

In the story, 12 units of aliens separately landed on earth and the world is faced with how to deal with the unexpected visitors. The movie focuses on how the people in America and the world handle the crisis.

Forest Whitaker plays Colonel Weber who recruits Dr. Louise Banks (played by Amy Adams), a language professor to devise a plan to communicate with the aliens. Assigned to work with Dr. Banks is Ian Donnelly (played by Jeremy Renner) who helped in their successful attempt to communicate with the aliens.

As the communication between aliens and American scientists progressed, information was shared to the other countries. Cooperation was a vital ingredient for worldwide system of communicating with extraterrestrials.

In the course of the movie, some things went awry especially in China and Russia where war with the aliens became a grim prospect. This is where the excitement begins.

According to Matthew Parkinson of The Escapist, the movie is affected by comments about the cast in the movie or the lack of known actors who play critical roles. Adams, Whitaker and Renner seem to fit their roles but it is the minor roles that threaten to weaken the movie.

The plot is good and the director has made the flow of the movie plot going great. It is towards the end that made some critics cringe regarding the unclear outcome of the plot. The film is a wonderful movie to see despite its little faults.

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