Nov 17, 2016 04:16 AM EST

‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Release Date, News & Updates: Experience Hawaii As You Catch Them All!

In "Pokémon Go" we are encouraged to go out to the real world to explore and interact with other people from our community. We traveled across lands searching far and wide for Pokemon. But what if you are transported into a topic island to experience your Pokemon adventure?

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will be released this coming November 18 and fans are expecting a great deal. Stepping away from the mechanics of Pokémon Go and other previous Pokemon games, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is set in a place called Alola, a series of four connected islets that is isolated from the rest of the world.

You will experience a refreshing vibe as if you're on a vacation in Hawaii, hanging on a beach full of cute water Pokemon. With this unique setting "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is hoping to appeal the audience especially the long-terms fans.

You will play as a young trainer who just moved to Alola from the mainland. Your goal, however, differ from the other games, instead of exploring different cities and visiting gyms to fight battle-hardened Pokemon trainers and collecting badges, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has a series of challenges called Trials.

To test your skills as a Pokemon trainer, you will have to overcome a Trial. Each Trial are slightly different from each other but all consists of battling Pokemon in a set battlefield. Pretty much like gym battles but at "Pokemon Sun and Moon" the final battle will be with a large and difficult opponent called a Totem Pokemon.

Totem Pokemon are brawny and have special abilities that may surprise you and they are usually tough to beat. You can expect that "Pokemon Sun and Moon" can't be conquered that easily.

If you win the battle, instead of a badge, you will be given a Z-crystal which can be used to power up any moves that the crystal represents. Aside from the different gameplay, you will encounter a different set of Pokemon for "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" will definitely give you colors as there will be Alolan version of some of the original 150 Pokemon. In case that you are wondering that you can't find a Totem Pokemon in the wild, it is just set that way so you have to make do of what Pokemon you managed to catch.

There are so many stunning tweaks to the game and it is poles apart to other games come before. "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will be full of surprises.  It's obvious that the team put so much effort in "Sun and Moon" 

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