Nov 18, 2016 03:18 AM EST

'Pokémon GO’ Latest News & Update: 2nd Gen Confirmed! Learn Tricks & Hacks For Rare & Branch Evolution Pokemon!

"Pokemon Go" which wowed the world with its unique gameplay is now having a major update since its release last July. It became a worldwide phenomenon and Pokemon trainer wannabes invade streets and every nooks and corners of the world searching for Pokemon.

While this proved to be a great success the trend is somehow shortlived. Developers of "Pokemon Go" search for updates to keep fans entertained. Developers have released a series of events to attract more players to the game and recently the Halloween Event showed to be a big feat.

After the event, Niantic realized that "Pokemon GO 2nd Gen update" should be released as soon as possible. Fans who are constantly nagging at Niantic about a new update are the reason behind the urgent update."Pokemon GO 2nd Gen update" was rumored to be released in time for Thanksgiving Day.

A new exciting feature for "Pokemon GO 2nd Gen update" will be the PvPv battles. Even though you're not in a gym, you can challenge other trainers to have a Pokemon battle on the spot. Another rumor is that that new baby Pokemon would replace the Egg revolutions. However, it is not yet confirmed.

Furthermore, "Pokemon GO 2nd Gen update" will bring another 150 additional monsters and another 86 new moves to the game including branched evolution Pokemon. Other rumors say that they will also include some legendary Pokemon. To boost yourself in the upcoming "Pokemon GO 2nd Gen update", here are some Pokemon that you should pimp for the expansion. You'd better stock lots of candies for this.

In "Pokemon Go" Eevee is among the most widely held Pokemon, and with the update coming, Eevee will have two more evolutions, Espeon the Psychic Type and Umbreon the Dark Type. Onix is among the pathetic and possibly most impractical Pokemon in "Pokemon Go but this could change dramatically with Steelix after the update.

You could say that Slowpoke all muscle with no brain but with his latest evolution, he could become a lot stronger as Slowking. Horsea is another Pokemon bonbon you will want to pimp since Seadra can evolve into Kingdra. Chansey is a difficult Pokemon to catch, but with evolution which will probably have a higher HP Stats, you will want to get your hands on a Blissey.

Oddish is one of the Pokemon who has Branched Evolutions. Usually, gloom will evolve into Vileplume, but in "Pokemon GO 2nd Gen update", you will have the power to evolve it into a Bellossom which is a Pure Grass Type. Zubat, in my opinion, is one of the worst Pokemon in the game but it will be worth you while in the Second Generation of "Pokemon Go" because you can have a Crobat if you're diligent enough.

One of my favorite, Scyther, will get a different and very cool looking evolution in "Pokemon GO 2nd Gen update". Scyther will evolve straight into cool looking red Scizor.

Poliwag is another Pokemon with Branched Evolution, there is no assurance that the branch evolution will be tougher but you will want a Politoed though to finish your Pokedex. To double up the excitement, "Pokémon Sun and Moon" gets ready for a release, however, it will be only available on Nintendo 3DS.

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