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The Truths Of Being An Entrepreneur; Debunk The Myths Now!

People often denote entrepreneurs as MONEY MAKER, BOSS, and even MILLIONAIRES. There are a lot of wrong myths about entrepreneurship, some are quite positive in some way, but still considered WRONG for some reasons.

Being an entrepreneur can be a considered as top jobs for this century, but, what are the myths about entrepreneurs that most people think.

According to Michelle Sun, a Forbes contributor, there are 4 misconceptions about entrepreneurs that most people (who are not entrepreneurs) often thinks. Let us elaborate her list.

1. Being an Entrepreneur is not about the Entrepreneur

Some people might think that being an entrepreneur mainly focuses on how the entrepreneur will succeed, but NO, it is how the company succeeds. Fame about the entrepreneur will come after the fame of the COMPANY. Entrepreneurs really do make a lot of sacrifices before reaching their fame. It is a matter of Opportunity Cost.

2. The fancy office and Free Beers are not TRUE

Entrepreneurs are very busy people. What makes other people think that the office of an entrepreneur is a dream and a fantasy playground? No, it's not.

An Entrepreneurs office is for work only, they even work overtime for almost a year or more just to get things done and accomplished, even rest days are sacrificed through this process. Free Coffee might be true, but free beers? No, not gonna happen.

3. Money

Not all entrepreneurs started as a multi-billionaire, maybe some who inherited a big company but for small time entrepreneurs, money can be attained in the long run.

There is no such thing as easy money in the world of business and professionals. They earn what they sow.

4. The Exit

People often think that when she/he is an entrepreneur, then he/she failed, he/she can just easily drop everything then start again. No, that's not how things work in the world of business.

Starting again after a failed business might be hard, or even IMPOSSIBLE. Debts, failures, and discrimination, they can't just run away from this things, they face it.

Other famous myths about entrepreneurs are:

Entrepreneurs are high-risk taker

According to a study, Entrepreneurs are not Gamblers.

Somehow, Entrepreneurs can be in between high and low-risk taker. They just don't decide immediately just to let other know that they are high-risk takers, they think about it, more than 10 times before taking risks.

Entrepreneurs are born

No, they are not, entrepreneurs are made. All people can be a successful entrepreneur in the future.

According to Deborah Huso, a content writer in, "Solving problems and learning from failures are two key ways to prepare for success." Learn from the mistakes you encounter in your life, this what makes quality entrepreneurs.

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