Nov 28, 2016 12:01 AM EST

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 68 Review, 69 Preview: Gohan To Recover Strength; Arale Vs. SSJB Goku To Happen?

Having seen the cool and cheerful "Dragon Ball Super" episode 68, fans are expecting from the next episode 69, Gohan to be back with renewed strength and an interesting fight between Arale and SSJB Goku.  They will probably see what they expect.

Of course, before the coming of the next arc, the anime is airing more fillers as previewed in the teasers for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 69. There is a teaser that shows Super Saiyan Blue Goku fighting against Arale.

Latest Today News reports that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 68 was refreshingly entertaining compared to the past twenty or so episodes that were replete with dark themes. Fans expect the enjoyable humor to continue until the next three episodes. It was delightful to see Goku's son to be as forceful in appearance as his past Mystic image in Dragon ball Z.

Son of Goku also attempted to recover Kaio-sama by using the Dragon balls but was foiled in his attempt by his friends and kin, as reported by Inquisitr. The producer's hint for Gohan's return was depicted in one of the scenes in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 68 when Gohan asked Shenran, the DB dragon that grants wishes, to heal his daughter Pan. Gohan still possessed the power to overpower opponents who get in his way just like what he did to Pilaf.  

Gohan, who was weakened in past, is being portrayed to be regaining his previous strength. The accidental exertion of powers by characters in the "Dragon Ball Super" series is a recurring plot in scenes showing them to be very strong although it was not their original intention.

There are reports that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 69 will portray the Omniverse Tournament although this is not yet confirmed. The tournament is bound to show the revered fighters known to come from the Dragon Ball world. An Arale versus SSJB Goku scene is rumored to be what fans may expect to be featured in the next saga.

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