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‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 512, 513 Recap & Spoilers: Sting Beats Larcade; What's The Real Deal Between Lucy And Anna?

Another chapter of the well-loved manga series "Fairy Tail" has just been released and the ending was such a cliff hanger fans are clamoring for more. Here is a recap of what happened in the previous chapter as well as some spoilers for Chapter 513.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 512 Recap

The chapter continued with Larcade and Sting's battle. Initially, Sting is having some difficulty fighting the son of the Dark Mage but luckily, Rogue helped him. In a report by Yibada, it was mentioned that Larcade activated his RIP magic.

Larcade mentions that nobody can resist the power of sleep and that he is the ultimate mage to go against Acnologia. Rogue and Sting tried their best not to fall asleep, and just as there were about to succumb, Kagura became conscious and pushed him into Rogue's shadow, thus saving them.

Sting slowly regained his powers and prompted him to attack Larcade. With the help of Rogue and Kagura, Sting attacked Zeref's son using "Rough Silk." Larcade was then seen down on the ground, defeated. For his last words, he calls on his father and Zeref was seen mourning.

Meanwhile, Natsu Dragneel is still in his own heart when Rogue suddenly appeared. He asked Natsu about the scarf that he has been wearing on his neck. He questioned why the scales are red if it was truly from Igneel.

Natsu explained about losing pigmentation once the scales are separated from the body. It was then that Rogue told Natsu that his scarf was knitted by Anna. Suddenly, Zeref appeared and told Natsu about his impending death.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 513 Spoilers

The next chapter will most likely tackle the relationship of Anna and Lucy. Anna Heartfilia was a Celestial Spirit Mage who lived over 400 years ago. The two looked exactly alike so fans are speculating about their real relationship.

According to a report by Hall Of Fame Magazine, Lucy might be a reincarnation of Anna and that it is not a coincidence that they look alike. Some speculate that Anna might just be an ancestor of Lucy. Furthermore, there are also theories that when Zeref dies, Natsu will too since they are deeply connected with each other. For more manga recaps and spoilers, check out Jobs & Hire.

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