Nov 30, 2016 06:02 AM EST

‘Dishonored 2’ News & Updates: 100 Issues Fixed And 80 Ways To Kill Jindosh

By FG Dullin

Since its release on November 11, 2016, "Dishonored 2" an avid gamer of the sequel recorded a video demonstrating 80 ways to kill an opponent named Kirin Jindosh. Due to the number of issues for PC gamers, Bethesda Studios immediately fixed 100 of these concerns with their latest patch.

Curiously, Bethesda announced the upcoming sequel to "Fallout" series at the exact date that "Dishonored 2" was released. An article featured in Jobs & Hire describes how "Fallout 4" have been made available in traditional console platforms.

"Dishonored 2" is a continues the story 15 years after the first game's campaign. Unlike the first game which only introduced one main character, the sequel allows players to choose from Corvo Attano (part 1 protagonist) and Emily Kaldwin (the new character).

Several improvements are featured to amend some lackluster aspects in the first game. Although some of the best graphics and functionality features were not properly carried over in the PC version, the latest report by Game N Guide underscores the 100 known issues fixed by Bethesda's Patch 1.2.

Three out of ten publications gave "Dishonored 2" an outstanding 9/10 review score, while one of them gave a perfect 10/10. But one fan of the videogame took his enthusiasm to a whole new level by showing other players an 18-minute video about 80 ways to kill Jindosh.

Kirin Jindosh is not exactly the game's nemesis but being a key minion, the infamous inventor became one player's rage outlet. Apart from the macabre comic relief, the video proves itself to be a demonstration of creatively using the player's superpowers and the interactive surroundings to eliminate the target.

According to an article published by News Everyday, the "80 Ways To Kill Jindosh" uploaded by Cosmic Contrarian has recently earned 120,000 views. This video has showcased the impressive physics that made "Dishonored 2" a very well-received videogame.  

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