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Know The Secrets For Surviving Long Hours Of Work

Deprivation of sleep, lack of nutrients and illneses are the common factors that changes a person's productivity at work. Working for long hours without losing it should be considered as talent.

Study shows that long hours of work can be harmful for women but might be helpful for men. The Telegraph states that, women who works for 60 hours a week for 3 decades are more prone to chronic diseases like Diabetes and Cancer.

But inspite this, many people still works overtime even if they know the risk and possible effects. So, what can a person do to survive their habit of working too long.

1. Eat

Consider eating as much as possible. An employee who works a lot should avoid skipping meals and snacks.

Food can be a supplement of ideas, thinking without eating anything may cause bad ideas. One must learn how to eat well and on time in order to be productive even in long hours of work.

2. Pamper

This might be hard to do especially if a person has a really tough schedule, but still, pampering can be a good way to lessen stress. Less stress may promote more ideas and higher productivity at work.

For girls, manicure, salon or even massage can be a great way to pamper. As for boys, watching movies or even taking a coffee might be considered as a great way to pamper and relax.

3. Have a breaktime

Don't push it too hard, learn to take it one step at a time. Rushing and doing a lot of works at the same time can cause frustration and a lot of errors.

Inhale. Exhale. Breath and take a break.

4. Sleep

This is not a contradictions. Thought Catalog suggested that sleeping even for a short time can do a lot of positive effects.

Increasing productivity, brain relaxation and even delivering positive result are considered as good effects of sleeping. Sleep and avoid thinking about work before going to bed, this will help you to get a more comfortable rest.

There is nothing wrong with working so hard. But then again, having a break and having time to pamper should also be considered essential as well as proper schedule management. The key to success is to love what you are doing. KEEP UP!
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