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‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 513 Air Date, Latest News & Updates: Who Is Anna Heartfilia? Anna & Lucy Startling Connection Revealed!

By Din Rose

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 513 "Flower" continues to excite its avid fans! After the news of Larcade and Sting's endless battle circulates the web, a new twist puzzles many. In essence, Natsu's life remains in peril while he battles for his life. A celestial mage, Anna Heartfilia is revealed in relation to his journey. Now, everyone wonders who she is in the anime, and what is she to Lucy.

"this chapter predicts the nearing death of Natsu Dragneel, while, Sting Eucliffe And Larcade Dragneel go along with their fight." In the previous chapter, the hovering death of Natsu shocked many.

As Natsu's life stays in danger in "Fairy Tail" Chapter 513, his "heart" journey continues. Notably, it is about Zeref filling the gap of his son's lost memories. It will start with their family's fire incident until Igneel's adoption. 

On it, another mage, Rogue, assists him on the travel. Later, "According to Rouge, this scarf is unique as it is made from Igneel's dragon scale and is made by first celestial mage and Anna Heartfilia." Noticeably, this is the first time Anna's name is revealed.

Moreover, Anna Heartfilia hugely looks a lot like Lucy. Apparently, "Fairy Tail" Chapter 513 "Flower" reveals the celestial mage as Lucy Heartfilia's ancestor. The woman lived 400 years ahead of her.

By definition, Zeref and Anna knew each other long ago. The Heartfilia ancestor opened the Eclipse Gate to defeat Acnologia, in relation Zeref and Anna made Natsu a powerful dragon slayer.

According to reports, "Fairy Tail" Chapter 513 "Flower" will reveal further the importance of Anna Heartfilia, and her relation to Lucy. Surely, it will be something significant either for Natsu or for their guild.

"Fairy Tail" Chapter 513 "Flower" will make a huge comeback next week. The Otaku fans should surely wait for this chapter's unveiling of Natsu's life secret. For the latest news and updates, just stay tuned to Jobs & Hire.

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