Dec 05, 2016 08:16 AM EST

Job Interview Hacks: Types Of Stories To Tell During Interviews That Would Land You A Job

Everything is set for that one moment where you'd finally get your dream job. You've probably memorized everything about the company you're applying for and rehearsed the things you're going to say multiple times. However, there are some job interview hacks you could use to land your dream job. Telling stories on your interview might help and here are some examples which you could use.

According to The Muse, having a few stories on hand can really help you get that job you're applying for. It would also help relieve the tension when you feel nervous or when have a mental block.

One job interview hack is to let the interviewer know that you're a problem solver. According to, having an anecdote that talks about how good you are in solving problems will convince the interviewer to say yes. When you're asked about a previous project you've done from your CV, don't just say yes or no but try to talk about it.

You could also tell stories about how you worked with a team. Bosses like employees who are team players so try to talk about those big projects that you were a part of. It would also be a plus if you were the one who spearheaded that project which would showcase your management skills.

Talking about your failures is also a good job interview hack. Mistakes can't be avoided and bosses know that so try to talk about your mistakes and focus on how you managed to solve them. But be careful with the stories you tell and be detailed with the steps in solving it, not the problem itself.

Talking about your personal life would also help. Try to tell interesting stories about yourself like how you climbed Mt. Everest or how you saved someone from a fire. The more interesting the story, the greater chance you'll get hired but don't overdo it.

There are lots of job interview hacks that could help you land your dream job but telling stories would really help too. For more job tips and hacks, stay tuned and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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