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'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Latest News, Guide & Update: Shorten Island Scan Activation; Best Pokemon To Have For Sure Victory

Since "Pokemon Sun And Moon" was released on November 18, some players have already finished the game and surely more fans want to achieve victorious completion too. One of the ways is to get the best Pokemon to build a powerful character to win the game, plus utilizing nifty tricks,too!

In order to win in "Pokemon Sun And Moon," it is a must to have a Powerful bunch of Pokemon at your disposal and to utilize every trick in the book to make your Pokemon adventure go smoothly. Players have been experimenting with using different Pokemon to win the game, and here we have a guide to the best creatures to use for a sure snowball victory. 

Moreover, there are also players wondering if there is a way to shorten the Island Scan Activation time from 20 hours to just 10 hours, and the answer is yes. According to Game N Guide, there is a way to shorten the said activation time that required players of "Pokemon Sun And Moon" to log in their account to scan a QR code every two hours.

Players are required to repeat this process for 20 continuous hours in order to be given the power to scan all four islands. Being able to do this will reveal different types of Pokemon that are available for capture in "Pokemon Sun And Moon." Although this feature is definitely handy when hunting a specific Pokemon to add to your arsenal of creatures, the 20-hour process is quite time-consuming. Moreover, the activation requires the player to perform the QR scan for 20 straight hours, making one mistake will ruin all the effort made so far. 

The Island Scan Activation in "Pokemon Sun And Moon," is a great feat to achieve since it will reveal popular Pokemon including Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Feraligatr, and Totodile. However, activation this feature is not an easy task. Luckily, players have discovered a way to activate Island Scan in only 10 hours, which is a lot more doable with less chance for mistakes. 

First off, in order to activate Island Scan in "Pokemon Sun And Moon" , the player needs a total of 100 points with each Pokemon QR code giving players 10 points. However, there are some Pokemon that will dish out 20 points, meaning if players would scan these Pokemon every 2 hours, instead of those who provide 10 points, it is possible to get 100 points in only 10 hours. 

As for the best Pokemon to have for victory, it is worth mentioning that "Pokemon Sun And Moon"  has added numerous new Pokemon to level the playing field, and knowledge about these new creatures will prove vital for success. Check out the best Pokemon to have that will nearly ensure winning battles. These creatures have the highest growth in base stats and abilities, making it better to strengthen as per Tech Times

The Crabominable in "Pokemon Sun And Moon" has high attack stats with a nifty Iron First ability that makes its attacks more devastating. The ability buffs the Pokemon with 20 percent more damage. This Pokemon ability will buff its skills including Power-Up Punch, Ice Punch, Dynamic Punch, Ice Hammer, Fire Punch, and Dizzy Punch. If you think Crabominable is your best bet for victory, go ahead and catch a Crawbler and grind levels in Mount Lanakila.

Another great Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun And Moon" is Golisopod, a bug and water type Pokemon which is regarded as one of the strongest of its type due to its X-Scissor ability. The Pokemon can also learn other abilities such as Waterfall and Surf. The Golisopod is one of those Pokemon that seems utterly feeble in early levels but will surprise players with a massive power boost after gaining a set amount of levels. Grab yourself a Wimpod and get it to level 30 in order to dish out massive damage with a Golisopod. 

Lastly, we have the Vikavolt, another Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun And Moon"  that has the X-Scissor ability. This Pokemon has a great defensive ability that renders the enemy's ground movies useless which is possible because of the Vikavolt's levitate ability. Moreover, it has another handy offensive-defensive ability, Switch Volt, which will let Vikavolt retreat from battle while dishing out one last attack before hand. 

Surely, many players would love to be among those who have swiftly dominated and finished "Pokemon Sun And Moon." Rumor has it that there was even a player who completed the game with only an unevolved Magikarp, if that is possible, surely victory with these tips and tricks is very possible. Stay tuned to Jobs & Hire for more neat guides for "Pokemon Sun And Moon."  

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