Dec 07, 2016 08:13 AM EST

Job Tips & Advice: To Be Successful In Work, Never Say These Words

Successful people often have certain attitudes or habits they do on a daily basis that contributes to their success. One of those habits is refraining from saying certain sentences at work that is detrimental to their overall mindset.

Yahoo said that unsuccessful people usually mimic certain speech patterns that successful people avoid. These speech patterns contribute to the negative mindset that unsuccessful people usually have.

Best-selling author Maria Shriver mentioned in her blog that "you are what you say," which means the power of our words can contribute greatly to how we perceive ourselves. With that, here are seven words that successful people never say or avoid saying.

Successful people never say "that's impossible" or "cannot." Unsuccessful people tend to limit themselves whenever they say "that's impossible" or "cannot," as it stops the mind from thinking of the possible ways that a project or task can be achieved.

Next is that successful people avoid saying "I can do everything myself." Trying to do everything on your own doesn't show how good you are, it shows your arrogance and selfishness. As the saying goes, "two heads are always better than one," this is why successful people use all the help that they can get.

The third phrase that successful people never say is "I'll try." When you say the word I'll try, you're excusing yourself from doing everything you can to ensure the task or project is completed. To be successful, it's either you're all in or not, there is no in between.

The fourth phrase is "I don't need your inputs." This is different from the second phrase as this phrase says that the person is not being open-minded to suggestions or ideas. Successful people are always open to suggestion, because they know they don't have the knowledge to everything and will rely on others for ideas and suggestions.

Next is a successful person avoids using the word "if." This word is saying that your success in a project or task is going to be dependent on external factors and not on your own strength and creativity.

The sixth phrase is "I already know that." Saying this phrase means the person is being defensive, he or she is not receptive to anything new or an improved way of doing things. In short, this person is not open to learning new things, the exact opposite of successful people, who are always open to learning new things to expand their knowledge.

The last phrase or phrases are curse words. A successful person avoids, as much as possible, saying curse words, especially in the office or business meetings, as this sounds unprofessional. People will have a hard time respecting you if you curse a lot.

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