Dec 08, 2016 05:48 AM EST

'Final Fantasy XV' Gameplay, Characters, & Update: Square Enix Revamps Story; New Playable Characters, Cutscenes Coming Soon

After ten long years in the making and seemingly uncountable re-writes and delays, "Final Fantasy XV" was finally released. However, the story and roadmap have fallen victim to criticism and as a result, Square Enix is working on changes.

Many fans o the popular franchise find that the current plot of "Final Fantasy XV" is rather vague and in need of more spice. Luckily, the game's director Hajime Tabata actively listens to the comments of the "Final Fantasy" community and is taking action to make the game better for everyone. 

According to Euro Gamer, Tabata has stated that there will be more updates coming to the game next year, all of which aims to make the game's story clearer and the gameplay better. "Final Fantasy XV" Chapter 13 will be the starting point of the updates, from here the developers will add new aspects to the game as well as gameplay enhancements. According to Tabata, they play to enhance ring magic and more in the coming updates. 

Moreover, the additional cutscenes are also in the plan for "Final Fantasy XV" in order to tell the story better. It is known that the world of Noctis is very complex and dates back to wars even before the time of Noctis' adventure. Hence there are many unanswered questions that fans are hoping to find out about in the game, especially the loose ends left by "Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive."

In a report by VG 24/7, the long-term plans that Tabata has for "Final Fantasy XV" will result in a concrete roadmap. Hopefully, this will ensure clearer storytelling and significantly better gameplay. 

Another exciting confirmation that Tabata unleashed to fans is undoubtedly fanning the flames of excitement. In a previous report in Jobs & Hire, we mentioned that "Final Fantasy XV" will have playable female characters soon. At the time, it was a mere rumor, however, Tabata has confirmed this rumor for fans. Tabata stated that one of the long-term goals is to make certain key characters playable, and fans are thinking the Oracle Lunafreya. 

All the updates that will be dished out in the coming months for "Final Fantasy XV" will be free of charge, hence fans have nothing to worry about and can sit tight while waiting for the game improvements to arrive. Stay tuned to Jobs & Hire for more updates on Square Enix's masterpiece. 

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