Dec 09, 2016 04:33 AM EST

Year In Review Of The 5 Best Video Games Of 2016; 'Pokemon GO' Beats 'Firewatch'?

The year 2016 was really an awesome year for a lot of vehement gamers worldwide as video game companies unleashed a pack of new spine-tingling entertainment. Among these video games, only 5 made it to the list of the best video games of 2016.

5. "Tom Clancy's The Division"

With its post-apocalyptic theme, the game is indeed perfect for every gamer who loves a totally action-packed third-person shooting game set in New York City. One of the best things about this game is, although it's action-heavy, the player always gets a treat. In fact, it was rated perfect for its ease of play.

4. "Far Cry Primal"

From a place with high-rising buildings, jumping into Fary Cry Primal is certainly a long journey back. Bloody and violent, this game has certainly brought every gamer back to the prehistoric era. And unlike "Tom Clancy's The Division" where there are guns and ammo, "Far Cry Primal" sure was a more exotic experience for gamers as they get to fight enemies with clubs, bows, arrows, and walk the Earth with Mammoths.

3. "Firewatch"

Okay. Have a little break from all the violent stuff. Sometimes it's nice to just wander the world and just see where it takes the player. Sometimes a player has to take a break from shooting everyone in the game to unravel a story. An awesome story can be unveiled by simply going into the woods, walking around and talking to people. It was a great experience with "Firewatch".

2. "Pokemon GO"

Okay. It's a little bit weird to have a mobile phone fighting against some of the biggest PC and console games, but yes, "Pokemon GO" takes the second spot. This augmented reality game has made every lazy, i-just-want-to-sit-and-play-with-chips gamer wander the street night and day to find a Pokemon. Probably one of the best thing about this game is the fact that it allows players to interact with each other personally rather than have them a talk in a virtual world.

1. "Uncharted 4"

Alright. Now back to violent games. Filled with realistic gun violence and blood, it was a nice journey with "Uncharted 4". The fact that the player can strangle enemies and snap their necks, it's like a real James Bond movie, at least for the skills and not the character and story.

Each of these games has definitely brought every player in a different, unique world in a whole lot of goodness. Sure there were plenty of games, but these just rock the most.

For "Pokemon Go", however, was there really a glitch on its new Pokemon tracker update? Check out a report by Jobs & Hire.

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