Dec 02, 2016 08:57 AM EST

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' News And Updates: The Necrozma and Mohn Revelations; Are These The Biggest Secrets Of The Game?

There are so many mysteries that lurk around "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that can only be unlocked after the game. While many gamers are fine with this play-then-discover routine, there are others who have worked out to discover the biggest mysteries prior the end game.

In a report by the Aussie Network News, two of the biggest mysteries in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" have something to do with the ultra beast Necrozma and Pelago caretaker Mohn.

What's the deal with Mohn?

Mohn's role in the game might not be too much for an attention. But, according to the discoveries, Mohn is more than just a caretaker. There is a more interesting thing about his backstory than him having a chitchat with players and eating beans.

Mohn could be Lusamine's scientist husband who discovered the Ultra Wormholes and suddenly got lost in the Ultra Space. The bean-eating guy might have also lost his memory during the time and somehow managed to go back in the Ultra Space. However, if assumed true, the question is why his family hasn't found him yet? That is another mystery to discover.

Necrozma the Ultra Beast

Aside from Mohn, one of the possibly biggest secrets in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is about Necrozma. There were speculations about a leaked Pokedex which has revealed a mystery about the ultra beast. It is said that Necrozma could be a third legendary Pokemon looking into the fact that he comes from beneath the ground and can deflect light.

Necrozma appears at Melemele's Ten Carat Hill and is said to appear at random encounters in the tall grass. The level-70 beast is a tough one and is won't be an easy catch.

Mohn and Necrozma are just two of the many yet-to-discover mysteries in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". Gamers and fans alike can expect more and more discoveries in the future. In another video game news, "Marvel vs Capcom 4" 2017 release has been confirmed. Check out the report by Jobs & Hire.

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