Dec 12, 2016 06:49 AM EST

Apple iMac 2017 Release Date And Updates: AMD Zen Processor Spotted On iMac OS?

Apple’s next generation iMac is in the works. The recent rumors circulating around increase the buying market's curiosity on what the latest iMac version has to offer.

According to Aussie Network News, the release date of the latest Apple iMac could be in October 2017. There have been talks that the new iMac 2017 is going to be powered by Kaby Lake processors. The specific model that will show in the upcoming iMac is said to be Kaby Lake’s i7-7700 processor. Not many details were given regarding the new processor, however, the availability of Kaby Lake’s chips that is appropriate for iMac is not yet ready.

Jobs & Hire reported that Apple delayed its launched because the Kaby Lake's chipset is not yet ready for production. This might be the reason why the upcoming iMac was not included in the latest Apple events.

It has been shared by Mac Rumors that AMD also won a contract with Apple. With that being said, the new AMD Zen processor might appear in some iMac models. The latest processor offers a powerful 8 cores and 16 threads. AMD is also said to provide the discrete graphics chips for iMac’s high-end 27-inch as well as 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros.

There were also speculations that the new iMac 2017 might be compatible with virtual reality. It will also have a powerful GPU in order to provide a better and more realistic experience. A Polaris 11 or Polaris 10 GPU from AMD will be used in the device.

To add more excitement to iMac users and the buying market, the next-gen iMac provide full flash storage and comes in a slimmer design. It is also lighter that those of the previously released versions.

The much-anticipated latest iMac will be unveiled in Apple’s March 2017 event. It is also possible that the new iPad Pro 2 will be revealed. 

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