Dec 12, 2016 06:23 AM EST

‘Clash of Clans’ Latest News & Update: December 2016 Update To Introduce ‘Clash Royale’ Troops, New Game Mode To ‘Clash of Clans?’

The release date for the "Clash of Clans" December 2016 Update has been set and speculations are flying widely regarding which new features would make it to the game. The latest from the rumor mill is that Supercell will introduce "Clash Royale" troops and a new game mode to "CoC."

According to iDigital Times, Supercell let slip in a forum, via its official account, that "Clash Royale" troops might "eventually come" to "Clash of Clans." This was in response to a fan question regarding a possible "Clash of Clans" characters crossover to "Clash Royale." Incidentally, "Clash Royale" was recently hailed as the best game for 2016 by the Apple App Store.

Jobs & Hire recently challenged the "Clash of Clans" rumors regarding the much-talked-about Red Barbarian King and the Virtual Reality (VR) feature. The report postulates that the leaks concerning the Red Barbarian King and the VR feature may have misread and misinterpreted.

Apple's Product RED Event is an annual event that promotes AIDS awareness and in line with this, the barbarian king statue has been adorned with red markings. Hence, the Red Barbarian King. The VR feature is reportedly going to be introduced in the rumored "Clash of Clans 2" game, a sequel to "Clash of Clans" that Supercell is alleged to be developing.

That said, Supercell confirms in the forum that new upgrade levels are coming with the December 2016 Update. While they issued a disclaimer against spoilers, Supercell teased that they are planning to bring gamers new exciting content for "Clash of Clans." With Jobs & Hire reporting that the "Shipwreck" is almost certainly going to be introduced with the December patch, having new troops from "Clash Royale" crossing over into "Clash of Clans" would be a tremendous relief.

Supercell has had a track record of teasing new contents of new upgrades and updates in their forum. Some of them eventually make it to the final version of "Clash of Clans." Meanwhile, in another "Clash of Clans" forum, fans are discussing which likely "Clash Royale" troops would leave the battle arena and join the "Clash of Clans" villagers for all-out war. Players of "Clash Royale" and "Clash of Clans" are speculating that the Ice Wizard, the mini PEKKA, and the Lumberjack are the likely candidates to be introduced with the December 2016 Update.

The website All Clash reports that some changes with respect to game play are also coming with the December patch. Supercell is going to tweak the balancing of Clan Wars matchmaking to improve gameplay and to make "Clash of Clans" even more competitive than it already is.

The infusion of new troops from "Clash Royale" would indeed make "Clash of Clans" more competitive. With Supercell confirming that they are rolling out the December 2016 Update within December 19th to 23rd, fans of "Clash of Clans" don't have to wait for Christmas before they can open their new presents.

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