Dec 12, 2016 05:34 AM EST

‘Yuri!!! On Ice” Season 2 Air Date, Latest News & Update: What Will Happen After The Grand-Prix-Finals? Everything We know So Far!

By Din Rose

In the moment, "Yuri!!! On Ice" Season 2 is still unknown to many. Although, there's a big speculation that it's not far to reality, this is due to the anime's popularity. Currently, the fans are wondering what will happen to Yuri Katsuki and his ice skating career after episode 12. It may seem that he will face some more struggles, and it will lead the show to a renewal.

In the last report by Jobs & Hire, Viktor and Yuri had a splendid break in the middle of the Grand Pix Finals. They even exchanged a matching ring which made headlines for the fans. In spite, the competition is still on.

According to GamenGuide, "recent reports suggest that he will not claim victory and this story will be the focus of "Yuri on Ice" season 2." Seemingly, Yuri will not claim his most coveted gold medal this season.

The possible focal point of still undisclosed "Yuri!!! On Ice" Season 2 may hurt the fans, even though it's a good twist. Definitely, Yuri's failure will make a thrilling turnabout in the story; also it may also include a conflict between Viktor and him.

International Business Times states Viktor may have another motive aside from his feelings for his student. Possibly, his skating career pause is part of him coaching Yuri, and it brings him a fresh start in life.

And, how will Yuri take it? There's quite a chance he will not accept Viktor's sacrifice. This could possibly lead to a rift between them in "Yuri!!! On Ice" Season 2. In this case, it's another excellent plot twist.

Meanwhile, everything will still be a speculation only until "Yuri!!! On Ice" executives speak about it. MAPPA may hopefully announce about the anime's renewal on the coming days.

To sum up, "Yuri!!! On Ice" Season 2 is unclear, yet its episode 11 and 12 are still going to air this week. Make sure to see them first!

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