Dec 12, 2016 05:36 AM EST

Negotiate Salary Offer? Here’s How To Do It For The First time! [WATCH]

By Din Rose

Congratulations! An applicant reading this is surely now on his way for a new career, in spite, it's not yet the end of his job offer journey. One more thing to take note is "Negotiate Salary Offer", and surely it's scary for someone to do it for the first time. With that, here are some ways to help out on how to haggle salary for a new employee.

According to Payscale, "do negotiate, lead with enthusiasm, and speak of the whole package." Here are some simple advice to follow on how to "Negotiate Salary Offer".

First, the job seeker must know how to bid his near perfect compensation, although he should remember to do it respectfully. Enthusiastically, let the employer know that he's interested in the job but he's also looking for a good salary.

With regards to the whole package, it means the all-over deal the applicant will receive. Take note that "Negotiate Salary Offer" comes not only with the basic pay, inclusion of leaves and other miscellaneous are part of it.

"Give a salary range rather than a target and Always counteroffer, but don't do it more than once," these are the advice shared by Business Insider. These two correlates with the suggested ways above, they can make way for a perfect first tie salary agreement.

In connection with "Negotiate Salary Offer", giving a range of salary can allow the employer to see that the applicant is open for a bargain. This is a good way of showing respect, in this way both parties will have an open channel for a good salary transaction.

Lastly, counteroffer can also be done but remember not to do it. Being a pushover can hinder the actual job offer at all.

To conclude, doing a "Negotiate Salary Offer" for the first time is actually easy. Most of the time, employers are now open for this kind of time. As long as it's respectful and manageable, there's nothing wrong.

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