Dec 15, 2016 11:02 AM EST

Russia Backing Up Syria, Iran A Threat To Israel; 400-Year-Old Prophecy Warns The Israeli Government Over Russian Interest

By Kath Bane

The growing tension and war outbreaks in the Middle East are obviously becoming more alarming and distressing. Though Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have a casual friendship, it seemed like they are tangled in a political conflict.

An Israel news site, Al Monitor, revealed that the Russian government has control on the northern front, the borders of Syria and Lebanon. According to a security official who was not named, Russian's involvement has positive and negative factors against Israel's security.

Since the Russians control the northern front, they have the power to dictate what must happen. More radical forces, however, are giving commands that caused the latest events on the northern front. Iran dictates through Qasem Soleimani, the supreme leader, and the Revolutionary Guard which significantly threatens Israel.

The source also admitted that Israel and Russia have "very complex" relationship over the northern front. Though they have "sensitive relationship" regarding the matter, both countries still have unresolved political conflicts and diplomatic issues. This may also have something to do with the northern front airspace traffic problem between Russia and Israel.

It was also revealed that Israel might be at risk once the positive influence of Russia over the northern front will turn otherwise. Since Iran controls the commands, the country will possibly have another "clash with Hezbollah" and Iran. Syria will get involved once Hezbollah asks or offers war assistance. The country will then be a part of Israel's strategic plan. However, Israel is concerned that Russia will interfere.

"With the Russians having a physical presence in Syria and being invested up to their necks in [supporting] the regime, it is highly doubtful whether they would allow us to respond in that way," the source said. He added, "When the Russians say no, it will be very difficult for us not to toe the line that they set and abandon this option, even though it is critical for Israel to end any conflict in the north with maximal speed and minimal damage."

Meanwhile, Breaking Israel News reported that a 400-year-old prophecy emphasized Russia's growing interest in Israel. Both countries' relationship is just for diplomacy and prevention of conflicts that may arise. Since Russia has ties with all the regional enemies of Israel, they find it necessary to avoid friction with the country.

It was also explained that both countries did not sign any legal agreement or treaty. The Israeli government warned the people that Russia is connected to Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran, Israel's longtime enemies.

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