Dec 20, 2016 01:03 PM EST

Top Most Used Passwords; Why Should People Take Passwords Seriously?

By Kath Bane

Following the controversies about account hacks, experts suggest that users should secure their accounts and passwords. Sources say most of the passwords used by netizens are usual and impractical.

Just recently, Yahoo users were alarmed about the millions of hacked account. According to the NBC News, people who use Yahoo to post pictures on Flickr and Yahoo Finance could also be a victim. It was revealed that are about 225 million account users of Yahoo Mail. This means some of them were probably victims of the breach.

Once the account is hacked, experts say a hacker could also use the password to infringe other sites which are not related to the original site hacked. This causes a much bigger trouble for the users.

Meanwhile, TechRepublic indicated that "password-driven security" became more unreliable and unsafe throughout time. Though passwords are really the main factor that contributes to the problem, it is still impossible to develop and adapt to a generation without password-driven security. The end users are the leading reason behind.

Since technology has been available to anyone of any age, it would be difficult for some to adjust. People rely on passwords to secure files and data. It has been a typical method for people to ensure the security and safety of their valuables and belongings. Since it is already adapted to their daily habit, it was explained that this would unlikely be changed over time.

Experts also emphasize that people choose simple and easy-to-memorize passwords for their files. Though this could be easier and more convenient for the users, simple passwords could easily be hacked and identify. In other words, simple passwords are often the ones that fail the purpose of security and safety.

There are various listed passwords that anyone could guess even without telling them. According to sources, the top ten most used passwords include 123456, password, 12345678, qwerty, 12345, 123456789, football, 1234, 1234567, and baseball. It turns out that people often use digits to reduce intricacy in their life.

Passwords usually affect various factors once it has been revealed so end users should take it seriously. Furthermore, experts recommend the users to use strong passwords and change it frequently to avoid bigger problems.

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