Dec 12, 2016 04:32 AM EST

5 Infuriating Technology Problems: Easy And Simple Tips On How To Fix Them

By Kate Bane

The advent of technology seemed to have a great effect on everyone. It looks like 2017 will bring more outstanding and advanced technologies.

As updates and new technology come out, people are engaged to the new trend of waiting in line to be totally updated. The topics about online trends, robot-automated machines, and virtual shops always increase every day.

However, issues and glitches still emerge even if the digital technology is updated and potent. These technology devices still malfunction, but only a few people know how to regard every concern. When something does not work, they always rely on technicians and experts on that specific field. Once this happens, everything becomes manual and everything seemed to be difficult and useless.

If a minor issue occurs, people do not actually have to let a technician check it as long as the user knows how to fix the problem, according to Kim Komando. Usually, fast response is necessary in order to avoid more complex problems from developing.

The Fox News listed five common problems that the users experience every day. Alongside those problems, they have also provided solutions and tips on how to regard the issue.

Problem 1: Inability or Difficulty in Downloading Netflix Videos

Since Netflix allowed its audiences to enjoy offline entertainment, the download button became accessible to the users. It is the only site that allows the viewers to download and watch TV shows and movies without an internet connection. When the download button becomes unfunctional, the user should "download the most recent version of the Netflix app" first. It requires a 9.0.0 version.

Problem 2: Poor Home Router Security

Even if the server or the Wi-Fi signal is regularly updated, hacking still happens. Through the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), the router becomes the gateway for hackers to breaking into the computer. The user must always check if the router firmware and password is updated.

Problem 3: Weak Mobile Signal at Home

Poor signals are usually upsetting, especially when the user needs to send an email or do an urgent task. However, the first and simplest solution indicated in the article is to connect to a Wi-Fi.

Problem 4: Slow Wi-Fi Connection

For a slow Wi-Fi, the user should "unplug the router and modem at the same time". After 15 seconds, plug in the modem first before the router until it's fully online.

Problem 5: Broken iPhone Screen Display

Getting an iPhone screen replaced is expensive. If the users are technically skilled, buying a kit and replacing it on their own will cost them about $30. However, this is a risky motion.

The generation of advanced technology has, indeed, expanded. Let your friends know about it!

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