Dec 20, 2016 01:27 PM EST

Fear Of Public Speaking: 3 Tips To Overcome Your Fear And Boost Your Career

By Conan K.

Speaking in front of the public is the most common form of anxiety. It makes the speaker be conscious of what they say, what they look like and gestures that they enact. It tends to cause a panic attack on the speaker and later on causes shame of themselves.

Public speaking is one of the best ways to boost your brand. Through speaking about your business, you can engage more clients to be interested. But with the fear of public speaking, the chances of your career to succeed is at stake. People tend to overlook opportunities because they are afraid to speak out.

Most of the people have trouble with public speaking. SMH has stated that public speaking is one of the top three fears of humans along with dying and flying. People who are afraid tend to speak fast to the point that it interferes with their breathing. They do not intend but also make long unnecessary pauses. They avoid the audience through not looking at them but instead look at what they are reading. They also sometimes skip their talk and sweat palms of course.

So, to help you boost your confidence, Dna India revealed some tips to help you master the art of public speaking;

Start plain and simple. Know what you’re talking about.

Saying a simple Hello and Hi to random people can help boost confidence. If you are in a conversation, then the topic is something you are well aware and that you know about, it’s your time to shine. The flow of the conversation will be smooth since you know about the topic.

Attend conference and events. Share ideas worth sharing.

Engaging with other people in events will also help you in a way that you can be well socialized and minimize your fear in speaking to people or even groups of people. You can talk to people even if you are not good at communicating. With simply giving them the information, you are already public speaking.

Take feedbacks. Get out of your own weakness and just enjoy.

You can also video record yourself and watch what mistakes you make. Of course, you can already correct what makes you fail. Also, let others watch it and accept anything that they commented on how you deliver a speech. This will help you exercise the audience feedbacks whenever you face them on stage. It will help you accept any feedback with regards that you can improve yourself more.

Public speaking is not always speaking out to the audience. You also influence them. In the case of business, you engage them to be interested in your business by speaking information that you know well about your product or business.

Overcome your fear of public speaking and know, later on, it will be a big help in your career.

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