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Best Smartphones In 2017 To Set Your Eyes And Money On; iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, Microsoft and More!

By Conan K.

The world evolves fast as new smartphones come to last and new ones are unleashed yet again. With tech giants iPhone and Samsung, there are more to come aside from the most anticipated iPhone 8 and Samsung S8 series.

2017 will be a technology-packed year with the Samsung getting back to the game and Nokia’s revival and more. The list includes smartphones that are yet to launch but caught the public’s anticipation due to tantalizing qualities and off the top specifications according to IBTimes. Of course, the performance was also judged on how a smartphone would make this list.

iPhone 8

After the just released iPhone 7 series, iPhone just can’t get enough. Rumors said that Apple would remove its home button and incorporate a bezel-less screen to make the phone exclusive for full-screen action. It will also introduce the OLED display. A wireless charging can also be expected from the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s next flagship device, Samsung Galaxy S8  is rumored to have a will be available in 5.7-inch and 6.2-inch variants and both screens will have curved edges. Like the iPhone 8, it will also feature an all screen. The S8 series is said to be featured as more than a tablet than a smartphone, which may be foldable according to rumors.

Nokia’s Revival, Nokia P and Nokia C1

These two android phones are rumored to be Nokia’s comeback smartphones. They might be rumors but they are not improbable from what Nokia had stated about their upcoming smartphones. Nokia C1 is said to run on Snapdragon 835 with 4GB of RAM. While the flagship phone Nokia P has a powering 6GB of RAM.

In addition, Nokia P is equipped with a Carl Zeiss lens in its camera. While the Nokia C1 has a camera setup is 16MP/12MP with a Triple LED flash and a red autofocus laser with xenon flash

Microsoft Surface Phone

With Nokia moving to HMD Global, this smartphone will serve as Microsoft’s official flagship smartphone. The team behind the Surface tablets are also the ones to be in charge in the development of this Microsoft’s Holy Grail phone, so users can expect a great performance. Pocket-Lint also said that the smartphone is rumored to run on Windows 10 aiming to offer the best experience for users.

One Plus 4

OnePlus after its OnePlus 3 release, just can’t hold back. As they release the ultimate battle phone equipped with stunning design 5.5 inch curved aluminum metal design and 8GB of RAM. Rumored to have a 4K display, 24-Megapixel camera with retina eye scanner. It is also said not to look much different from the OnePlus 3 but with much underneath its body.


It is said to be larger than the first premium series of LG. This smartphone is rumored to be packed with 5GB of RAM, octa-core processor and is expected to feature 4K resolution. Besides this jaw dropping specs it is said to feature eye sensing technology, waterproofing and a new array of health tracking sensors.

Xiaomi Mi7

This is rumored to have huge improvement than the other phone series. Mi7 is expected to have a 4K resolution under a Qualcomm 820 or 830 processor. A 25MP rear-facing camera and an 8MP front-facing camera equipped with autofocus and even 3D features is indeed a rumor to watch out for. It is also said to have an iris scanner, unique body design, and wireless charging.

So, who do you think is worthy to watch out for? Sound your comments in the box below.

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