Dec 21, 2016 12:56 PM EST

5 Ways To Motivate Employees To Enjoy Work, Even In Holiday Seasons

By Conan K.

Being stressed out is a top problem in a workplace. Employees tend to forget the meaning of enjoy because of too much work, especially the Christmas spirit during this holiday season.

Well, having fun while doing work is actually possible. Tons of ideas can be applied to your workplace in order for your employees to not forget the holiday cheer. Nobody likes working on holidays, but you can change that. Ignoring the holiday while at work will only result in resentment and stressed employees.

According to CIO, people should just let employees enjoy work during holidays with these five tips.

Organize a party. Treat your employees to a night out or dine in. This has two strategies. One is you can discuss target goals next year and a recap of achievements in the year. Second is you get to know each other. Having co-employees you know well could motivate an employee to work more. You can also organize a Christmas party with games and prizes so employees could enjoy despite being stressed.

Give out small notes/gifts. Every one of your employees deserves a small gift from their boss for a productive year well done. “Thank you” in a workplace is often overlooked. If you manage to prepare each of them with even small gifts and congratulate them on their effort to work, this would surely motivate them.

Offer flexible hours; encourage them to spend time with family. Holiday seasons are days wherein people are usually busy, with relatives from afar visiting families just to celebrate the Christmas. If you would offer a flexible schedule, this will tend employees to be more productive rather than being stressed about the deadline.

Reward employees. After the long productive year pass, it would be great to offer your employees rewards that they don’t expect. So, next year everybody will also look forward to achieving that goal. It mostly aims for the employees to feel appreciated.

Start an enjoyable atmosphere with yourself. Being a manager that always thinks on how to keep employees intact and able to accomplish their task is very hard. So, start to unwind and feel the Holiday cheer yourself too. You’ll later then notice that everyone will be joining you too.

Forget about stress and just feel and delve into the Holiday spirit even just for a day or a week. This would truly result in a productive year ahead for all of the people in the company.

Watch the iconic entrepreneur animal, Gary Vaynerchuck below as he discusses Holiday Productivity.

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