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Regaining Self-Confidence And Self-Motivation After Failing In First Job Application

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Job seekers are increasing in number but it became difficult to look for a job.
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Applying for a job is an easy thing to do. However, the processes take so much of time, and it is often energy-draining.

It is a typical mindset to think about having a job after graduation or to just simply provide financial support. The first thing most applicants do is to find the right company that matches their skills and talents. Each year, schools produce thousands of professionals in different fields, which could also result in an increase in the unemployment rate.

Since most companies require at least two years of experience in the same field, it becomes difficult to look for work. It gets more difficult to get hired, especially if the applicants lack in experience. The most common problem of newly-graduate applicants is that they lack in that aspect. Since they are new, it should be understood that they have no experience.

One of the worst things that someone will hear is the "I'm sorry, we have decided not to hire you" from the hiring manager. As a result, first-time applicants often experience failure in their first job application. Failing in an application often demotivates a person and increases the chance of developing poor self-esteem. After going through a lot from the application process to the interview process, it becomes difficult to accept the result, especially if the sole reason was based on the "no experience" issues.

Since there are those who are self-employed or business owners, they tend to not undergo job applications. Almost, if not all, everyone experienced applying for the first time in their lives. However, some did not experience failing in their first job application.

Recovering and regaining self-confidence and self-motivation after failing the job hiring can take some time. At some point, they will be afraid of trying out and applying for the second time. There is also a high risk of inhibiting mental self-degradation, stress, and depression. Some, however, opt to take it as a challenge to keep improving.

Failures in any sort should be taken lightly and brightly, no matter what. Once a job seeker failed to get hired in the first try, there are actually billions and trillions of digits and tries. This means the chances of getting hired is still high, maybe not on the first try, but in the second to infinite try.

When applying for a job, the job seeker should prepare for the best but he should also be ready for the worst. Share your first job application experience with us!

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