Dec 24, 2016 05:00 AM EST

5 Signs That Help Job Applicants Know That Companies Will Not Hire Them Even If They Are Qualified

By Kath Bane

When a company tells that they are interested in a job seeker, it actually feels reassuring to all, if not most, applicants. The feeling could make the person excited, even forgetting the struggles he faced during the interview process.

Whenever applicants receive a notification that the company wants for their opinion or work ideas, it could not be avoided to respond as quicker as possible with an excellent reply. As a result, the job applicant often disregards the truth that they are taking advantage of his skills and abilities. The company has not proposed any plans of hiring the job seeker in the long run.

This could get even more frustrating if the applicant keeps waiting and hoping for a feedback. However, even after how many shared insights and business plans, they end up not getting the job. There are no traces of receiving a job offer from the company.

There are actually various assumptions that one could think of when they are in this kind of situation. The problem is that they are too denial to accept it since they are still hoping for the best. A possibility is the company might just want free advice from so they are conducting an interview even if there are no job vacancies.

Though the applicant is qualified, the company chooses other applicants whom they can pay lower. Some companies have already decided who to hire before giving feedbacks. For job applicants who are experiencing this dilemma, the Forbes provided five signs on how to know whether the company plans not to hire the job applicants even if they are qualified.

First, the hiring process becomes longer but there are still no job offers being proposed. Second, the company demands a marketing strategy or a business plan from the applicant which they still consider a part of the hiring process. Third, they constantly invite the job seeker to meet more people. Worse, they will let the applicant talk to people and let them share their insights.

The fourth sign happens when the business treats the job applicant out in order to dredge more concepts about marketing strategies and other areas. The company tends to disregard the questions regarding the hiring process. Finally, the company uses the applicant to advertise, to promote, and to sell their service or product without a written agreement.

Most hiring processes may take time but the applicant does not actually need to comply with every demand. Without a job offer or an agreement, job applicants must know when to determine whether the company is taking advantage of their abilities and skills.

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