Dec 21, 2016 11:40 AM EST

Economists Reveal Factors Affecting Industries; What Are The Jobs That Has The Immense Talent Scarcity In 2017?

By Kath Bane

Most countries implement strict processes in assessing their applicants before hiring. However, in the latest findings, there are jobs that could rather be difficult to fill in due to reducing numbers of talents.

Though the unemployment rates are high in some countries, it seemed like other jobs are being ignored with less and lesser applicants. In every application, it takes about one or two applicants to be hired. Due to the growing numbers of new industries, students choose to pursue the major that relates to the most in-demand jobs.

This results in other jobs being shrugged off and ignored. In a survey conducted by the Indeed, it revealed that HR managers and recruiters experience difficulty in looking for applicants in specific fields. With over 1000 surveyed recruiters, 86 percent of them rated the difficulty level on hiring technical talents. Filling in a position takes longer time now, unlike in the previous years, which 75 percent of them affirmed.

With a 53 percent marking, the recruiters admitted that they are hiring unqualified people just for the sake of immediate compliance. As a result, 83 percent of the respondents conceded that the company experienced various factors. These include their lost in revenue and market expansion, slower product development, team tension upsurge and employee burnout.

According to the Fast Company, the talent shortage leaves a great impact in various industries. Daniel Culbertson, the economist of Indeed, revealed that the "old-world professions" are usually the ones experiencing the deficit. Other professions were also listed. He also explained the different factors affecting it, with the barriers of entry and education included.

"From what we might think of as old-world professions like barbers to positions that require advanced professional degrees, such as veterinarians, aerospace engineers, and chief executives," Culbertson said.

The jobs that usually takes more than 30 days to fill in includes barbers, power distributors and dispatchers, pile-driver operators, tax preparers, electric motor, power tool, and related repairers, vocational education teachers, cargo and freight agents, tire repairers and changers, pharmacy technicians, and veterinarians.

There are also other jobs in different fields such as skin care specialists, massage therapists, and aerospace engineers. Other jobs are in the medical and health field, computer science, and engineering.

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