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Work Culture Tips: How To Spot Them During An Interview

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In looking for a job, most people forget or fail to acknowledge that the company culture is just as important as the salary, the area, the bosses, and the job description. The work culture is going to make or break a person in the office, it will determine whether or not he or she will enjoy the environment or go home bitter and tired at the end of the day.

Forbes has published tips on how to spot the work culture of a firm during the job interview. This is vital as it is in that interview where you can decide to take the job or not.

The firm is likely to be disorganized when the people in charge or the interviewer does not even know you are scheduled for an interview. If they do not have time for you and are indifferent to you as a recruit, these are not people you should be working for.

The company culture is hostile when one department shames another or even the company itself. When the interviewer says "Come join our department where we take care of our team unlike Gregg's," or "Why do you want to work in this hole?" then those are clear signs that these are dissatisfied and antagonistic employees.

Forbes also urges interviewees to pay attention to their surroundings; what are the people who are sitting on the desk doing? Is their conversation friendly or formal? Do they look relaxed or tense? The answers to these questions can help you get a glimpse of your future if you accept the job.

You should also disregard the job when you are being juggled and sent to many and different interviewers. If they require you to go through many interviews with many different people then it only means that they cannot make a decision on their own.

You can also ask questions about the company culture yourself. For instance, you can ask if interdepartmental involvement is a usual occurrence, if there is a mentor system.

These questions and tips will help you in your next job interview so that you do not end up working for a firm that has a work culture that will only depress you. For more tips on how to find the right company, click here.

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