Jan 12, 2017 09:09 PM EST

Job Trends That You Could Come Across While Seeking Job This 2017

By Conan K.

Trends come and go but jobs don’t. Yet, hiring as the most crucial part of job seeking wouldn’t change. While you experienced methods on how to search jobs last year, this 2017, more fads are to come your way. 2017 is the year of technology, and artificial intelligence is taking the stage in some parts of our lives already. This is a fact that determines the new array of changes job and hiring processes could encounter this year.

Employees should get prepared to encounter these trends along the way. If you want that dream job this year, here are some quirks that you would find informative in seeking for that job.

Rely More On The Social Media Way

Indian Express reported that social media would portray a large part in the hiring process that would be made by company firms. How? Interviews this 2017 would be conducted through Skype, Facebook, and other accounts. Companies also post their job openings in some online job search accounts. Even though this is a trend last 2016, it is expected to be a process rather than a trend already this year.

Consider Role Coaching

The chairman and CEO of Manpower Group, Jonas Prising stated on Fast Company that pre-hire coaching and skills development are practiced by employers to distinguish the candidates fit for the job. Makes sense, since it takes less time given that employers could look for the capacity of the candidate through career role coaching rather than lengthy interviews instead. An example of an occupation that follows this trend are ESL online tutors whose candidates also undergo role playing first.

Expect Assessments

Fast Company also reported that 13% of U.S. employers utilize personality assessments. Utilizing these kinds of test like behavioral and cognitive would ensure that a candidate is ready and fit for the job. These tests are also designed to reflect what a candidate’s interest really is.

AI Bots To Be Encountered

Since artificial intelligence is taking part in normal lives, this would be no surprise. Entrepreneur reported that HR bots are now emerging as the recruiter just orders bots to find the candidates suited for the job. You might get interviewed by one as well.

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